With One Sentence, Nupur Sharma Exposed The Insecurities of Bullies

Image courtesy: opindia.com

Disclaimer: The Author of this current article chose to remain anonymous due to realistic death threats to herself and her family, from the well-established syndicate of radical islamo-left terrorists, and anti-nationalist groups operating in India and around the world.

If you think bullies pick weak and vulnerable, the latest research in the field of Psychology will prove you wrong. In fact, it points out that the “bully” suffers from significant levels of insecurity and negative emotions of guilt or shame. And contrary to popular belief of picking on a weaker victim, such bully – especially in work environment – will choose someone who is highly skilled, intelligent, ethical and moral.

The manner in which the Organization of islamic Cooperation (OIC) – a self-appointed representative of so-called “muslim world” – and the islamo-leftists, anti-nationalists of India, got rattled and reacted to a 10-second factual statement made by a Hindu woman, Nupur Sharma, clearly exposed the severe insecurities within the muslim community. The concept of “independent and outspoken woman” is still a distant reality in this part of the world where patriarchy and fundamentalism continue to deprive women and minorities of basic human rights.

When zakir naik, a fundamentalist, extremist and currently fugitive muslim preacher, uttered similar facts quoting Quran, he was applauded and worshipped. However, when similar facts were shared by Nupur Sharma, she was met with extreme hate and death threats.

But this was not the end of it. Crores of muslim anti-nationalists and extremists in India and around the muslim world, hit the streets with protests, destroying local properties, stone pelting and creating mayhem. Ironically, instead of being associated with peace, tranquility, and enlightenment, the “friday prayers” have become symbolic of communal riots, civil disobedience and destruction in the name of islamist mythology.

Lynching innocents, especially minorities, in the name of blasphemy is a regular occurrence in the “islamist world”. During Nupur Sharma episode, the bullies who are so insecure towards anyone who dares to question their mythology, threated to award collective punishment to India as well as Indians. The fringe mobs on streets who have no clue about functioning of foreign affairs, not only wanted to severe economic ties with India, but openly threatened to kill Indians (by this, they mean Hindus) who are living and working in Gulf countries. With such illogical and barbaric threats, the islamists legitimized lynchings and economic boycotts as appropriate responses.

The unfortunate part of all this episode has been the role of those Indians or sections of media houses who claim to be progressives, liberals and feminists, but at the end, work on the sole ideal of islamist appeasement. Instead of defending an Indian woman’s constitutional right to raise her voice, these pseudo-liberals shamelessly sided with islamist extremists and anti-nationalists in enabling the rape and death threats. It was not very long ago when all such pseudo-liberals and pseudo-seculars were abusing Hinduism and Hindu God Shiva with offensive cartoons and bigoted tweets.

At present, the Indian government seems to have given into the bullies, by temporarily suspending Nupur Sharma as party spokesperson. This move, though seems as submission, probably saved many lives of innocent Indians who may otherwise have been butchered in the hands of irrational followers who would go to any extent to protect ‘islamiyat’.

Nupur Sharma’s daring calls to an open debate with any muslim scholar have predictably fallen on deaf ears. After all, who wants to defend the undefendable right? However, similar to how she exposes the islamist fundamentalists on TV channels with her fierce comebacks and responses, Nupur Sharma successfully managed to expose the real insecurities of what can only be described as the “organization of islamic bullies”.