Jana Gana Mana – Another Hinduphobic & Anti-Nationalist Propaganda Movie From Tukde-Tukde Gang

Disclaimer: The author of this article chose to remain anonymous due to possible death threats to her and her family members by radical islamo-marxist terrorists.

At the offset, let me begin by saying that though I am not a Malayalee, I enjoy and appreciate Malayalam movies for their originality, photography, music and technical aspects. Relying on subtitles, I watched quite a few in past few years that came out of the local movie industry, commonly referred to as, Mollywood. However, I can’t answer the question of who is my favorite movie or actor, because my progressive and liberal mindset does not agree with irrationally and blindly worshipping only one human being or one God.

Though Mollywood is a local, small-scale movie industry compared to other regional, national and international “-woods”, it enjoys wider viewership and exerts significant influence nevertheless, as many original stories have been adopted to other regional, language-based movie industries. Besides the usual protagonist and masala love stories, pornographic movies are big part of Mollywood, unlike any other movie industry in the country. Many Mollywood porn stars are famous in Gulf countries too, where majority of Mallus go for menial jobs in spite of regular chest-thumping over high literacy rates.

Besides the usual genres, this movie industry is also notorious for making movies that promote Hinduphobia, anti-nationalism, thanks to years of psychological subjugation under the fascist-marxist regimes. Adding to the long list of the propaganda movies that came out of this industry, is the recent one – Jana Gana Mana.

Filmmaker Dijo Jose Antony and screenwriter Sharis Mohammed, quite obviously, offer a perfect example of how the “Toolkit Syndicate” operates in India, under the guise of artistic freedom. One does not have to wait beyond the first 30 minutes, to realize the director’s bigoted obsession that leaves no stone unturned to flare up communal divisions, by showing Hindus as aggressors and muslims as innocent victims. This, coming from a place that has highest recruits to Islamic terror outfit ISIS, is quite laughable yet not surprising. And before anyone wonders, YES, the well-orchestrated and well-funded hijab controversy made it to the script too. Remaining 2 hours is a tedious watch which will likely prompt frequent yawns, head-scratches and glancing at the clock. The agenda-driven, quite predictable script, clearly feels like watching a riot-plotting session between foreign “Toolkit Syndicate” and Indian members of “Tukde Tukde gangs” – the ayyoobs, the khalids, and the suzanne roys.

Indians are increasingly becoming more aware of the the modus operandi of such anti-nationalist elements, commonly known as “Tukde-Tukde gangs”. These gangs – typically comprising the radicalized islamo-leftist fringe elements, continue their supremacy in educational institutions, sections of media houses (domestic and foreign), political and minority institutions in India. Shouts of terrorist-supporting slogans like “Hume chahiye Azadi”, “Bharat tere tukde honge, inshallah inshallah”, “Afjal hum sharminda hai – tere kaatil zinda hai”, still echo in spaces dominated by these fringe groups. Expectedly, all this propaganda gets its due mention in this movie.

It comes as no surprise that the movie Jana Gana Mana received accolades from the usual culprits of the “Toolkit Syndicate”, who literally begged all their irrational followers to watch the movie and get brainwashed thoroughly. But the only originality this propaganda movie showcases, is that of the very nature of the anti-national syndicate that operates in India, whose daily bread and butter comes from destabilizing the country from within, create islamist victimhood narrative and constantly invent opportunities to bestow a collective shame on the country and its citizens.

So, while the “kambhakts” gloat over this comedy show as yet another fantastic expose of so-called majoritarian politics and minority suffering in India, perhaps the rest of Indians can put that money to better use and feed the poor or buy a book to an underprivileged kid.

Peace be upon India and entire humanity !!!