How Long Can India Tolerate Barbarism In The Name Of Certified Faith

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Even in 21st century, it is unfortunate that radicalized Muslims continue to use their faith as a political and communal tool to impose enormous suffering on humanity

The recent barbaric lynchings of Hindus in India, by Islamists, in the name of protecting the ‘honor’ of their religious preacher, has shaken the core of humanity. While the world is not naïve to such barbarism perpetrated in the name of this monochromatic religion, the stark difference in these incidences is that they were not committed by some alien terrorist group, but by those who the victims considered their own.

Umesh Kohle, a 54-year-old Hindu chemist, was brutally attacked and lynched by radicalized muslims of his own locality, for allegedly forwarding what they considered to be an offensive post against their preacher. However, the most disturbing as well as disgusting part of this lynching episode is that the mastermind, Yousuf Khan, was a friend of Mr. Kolhe for the past 16 years. Such long-time friendship and Mr. Kolhe providing financial help to Yousuf Khan for his daughter’s marriage, did not stop the bigot to think twice before committing such inhumane and barbaric crime in the name of his religion.

Over-Amplified Nupur Sharma Episode

Many Indian Islamists also have agreed that Nupur Sharma’s words about the Islamic preacher were in fact correct, and were expressed merely as a reaction to the barrage of insults unleashed on Lord Shiva and Hindu culture, by a habitual hatemongering Muslim panelist, during a news channel debate.

However, the factual statements of Nupur Sharma, expectedly rattled the insecurities and patriarchal egos of not just Muslims in India, but the entire Muslim Brotherhood around the world. And the reactions from this part of the world were also on the obvious lines – threats of economic boycotts, rapes, beheadings, and lynchings of not just Ms. Sharma but the entire Hindu community living in India and Muslim countries.

Liberal Muslims Loosing Hold On Their Religion

Progressive and liberal Muslims, a rare breed among this monochromatic religion, feel helpless in preventing their faith from being taken over by the majority radicals who weaponize it for political and communal reasons.  Using blasphemy as a tool to perpetrate heinous crimes against humanity, have already created a loss of trust. No matter how much the propagandists try to victimize the community with fabricated stories of Islamophobia, at the end of the day, it is the community that makes such phobia a justifiable reality in today’s world.

Hence, the onus remains with the community members themselves, to speak against misuse of their faith, to prevent radical and extremist elements from proclaiming ownership of the religion and to continue to work towards bringing much-needed reforms in their community. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango, peace and harmony can’t be achieved by simply blaming Hindus or by creating fake narratives of Dara Hua Musalmaan (fearful Muslim), but by self-introspection and progressive reforms. Though we can’t expect much from the predominant Islamic world that is fundamentalist in nature, the Indian Muslims surely have better chance of embarking towards progressivism and liberalism. India and world can surely benefit from Abdul Kalam-type Islam as opposed to the Aurangazeb-type.

Disclaimer: The Author chose to remain anonymous due to possible threat to her life and that of her family members, from radicalized and extremist Islamists.

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